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1970s Kitsch Globe Chandelier – SOLD

photo (60)  Great 70 hanging light 4 globes with chrome spheres circling them! Must have! 175.00

A funky retro light fixture for a stylish loft apartment or office. This 1970s vintage lamp has four crackled glass globes ringed by chrome satellite bands – so Age of Aquarius! An authentic piece for less than some modern reproductions – only $175.00 at On The Hill Antiques @ Skillypot – Email Us for information.

Restore Reuse Resell!


Restore Reuse Resell! That’s antiquing in a nutshell. Antiquing offers great benefits to us and our environment. Antiquing is a great hobby. It teaches you a lot about history, it keeps us active and it even keeps us in shape (try lifting an antique dresser). The benefits to our environment are even more appealing. You […]